HBXG Bulldozer SD8

Weight (including soil looser) kg 37300
External dimensions (including loosing device)mm 7930x3940x3549
Engine model Cummins QSNT-C345
Engine rated power kW/RPM 257/2100
Minimum turning radius (track/shovel tip) mm 3150/5250
Ground clearance (mm) 545
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HBXG Bulldozer SD8


Weight (including soil looser) kg 37300

External dimensions (including loosing device)mm 7930x3940x3549

Engine model Cummins QSNT-C345

Engine rated power kW/RPM 257/2100

Minimum turning radius (track/shovel tip) mm 3150/5250

Ground clearance (mm) 545

Ground specific voltage (kPa) 94

Forward speed (gear 1/2/3)km/h 0-3.5/0-6.2/0.10.8

Receding speed (gear 1/2/3)km/h 0-4.7/0-8.1/0-13.9

HBXG SD8N bulldozer is a crawler bulldozer with high drive wheel, hydraulic mechanical transmission, elastic suspension and hydraulic control. Power external shunt type hydraulic machinery torque converter, planetary power shift gearbox. Pilot controlled working unit hydraulic system. The modular design of the whole machine is the most prominent structural characteristics, the operation system is light, labor-saving, accurate, and the use of electronic monitoring system. It can be equipped with a variety of working devices and auxiliary devices. It is the ideal machinery for a variety of large earthwork construction.

HBXG SD8 Bulldozer 320 hp High Track Dozer Construction Machine for Sale


The drive sprocket is separated from the walking frame and arranged on the same axis with the final drive, steering brake clutch and central drive. The caterpillar is arranged in a triangle shape, which eliminates the impact load directly transferred to the drive sprocket from the ground and improves the service life of the drive system by 30%.


Modular design of transmission parts, reduce assembly station links, easy to disassemble and maintenance.


The traveling system adopts the elastic suspension device, and the hinge with the frame replaces the traditional eight-character beam structure by the pivot type, which improves the connection stiffness between the frame and the frame. The continuous sub - suspension device, through its floating action, can be exercised close to the ground.


The oil cylinder of the working device is arranged almost vertically on the ground near the fuselage, which improves the shoveling force of the shovel knife and reduces the system pressure. The inclined support structure allows the shovel to be close to the fuselage, precisely moving the earth and controlling the load.





SD8N standard type

Working weight-traction frame (kg)


Overall dimensions (including earth looser)mm


Engine type

Cummins QSNT - C345

   Engine rated power kw/ RPM


Minimum turning radius (track/shovel tip)mm


Ground pressure (kPa)


Ground clearance (mm)


Forward speed (Ⅰ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ gear) Km/h


Backward speed (Ⅰ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ gear) Km/h




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