Shantui Bulldozer SD23

Engine Power: 169kw or 179kW/1800rpm
Engine Model: Cummins NT855-C280S10, QSNT-C240 or Weichai WP12
Blade Capacity: 7.8/ 8.4/ 5.4CBM 
Blade Type: Straight Titling Blade/ U Blade/ Angle Blade
Track Shoes Width: 560/ 610/ 660mm
Overall Weight: 24,660
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Shantui Bulldozer SD23

230hp International Dozer for Sale


Engine Power: 169kw or 179kW/1800rpm 

Engine Model: Cummins NT855-C280S10, QSNT-C240 or Weichai WP12

Blade Capacity: 7.8/ 8.4/ 5.4CBM  

Blade Type: Straight Titling Blade/ U Blade/ Angle Blade

Track Shoes Width: 560/ 610/ 660mm

Overall Weight: 24,660kg (Standard)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

SHANTUI SD23 national three bulldozer is a new generation of hydraulic drive bulldozer developed by shantui, and its technology has reached the leading level in China.  This product inherits shantui more than 30 years bulldozer production experience, good quality, stable and reliable performance.  It is mainly used for pushing, excavating, back filling earthwork and other bulk materials on the ground of roads, railways and airports. It is indispensable machinery and equipment for national defense projects, urban and rural roads and other construction and water conservancy construction.  SD23 Shantui Dozer 230hp International Dozer for Sale.


Power System

Equipped with WP12/QSNT-C240 electric control engine, to meet the national stage emissions requirements of the national non-road machinery, strong power, high efficiency and energy saving, low maintenance cost;  

Large torque reserve coefficient, rated power up to 180KW / 179KW;  

Adopt radial sealed air intake system, effectively improve the service life of the engine.  


Drive system

The transmission system and the engine curve perfectly match, the high efficiency area is wider, the transmission efficiency is higher;  

 Shantui self-made transmission system, the market is long tested, stable performance, reliable quality.  


Working adaptability

Stable and reliable mountain push chassis system, suitable for all kinds of harsh conditions;  

The product grounding length is long, the ground clearance is large, the running is stable, the passability is good;  

According to the specific working conditions can be configured with straight tilt shovel, U shovel, push coal shovel, soil releaser, traction frame, etc., the operation adaptability is stronger, optional LED working light, improve the lighting capacity of night construction, more safe and reliable.  



Parameter name SD23(Standard version) SD23C (Coal version) STR23
Performance parameters
Operating weight (Kg) 24660 24660 25540
Ground pressure (kPa) 67 57 69
Engine model WP12/QSNT-C240 QSNT-C240 QSNT-C240
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 180/2000、179/2000 179/2000 179/2000
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 5535*3725*3380 5860*4200*3380 5535*3725*3380
Driving performance
Forward speed (km/h) F1:0-3.8 F2:0-6.8 F3:0-13.8 F1:0-3.8 F2:0-6.8 F3:0-13.8 F1:0-3.8 F2:0-6.8 F3:0-13.8
Reversing speed (km/h) R1:0-4.9 R2:0-8.5 R3:0-14.3 R1:0-4.9 R2:0-8.5 R3:0-14.3 R1:0-4.9 R2:0-8.5 R3:0-14.3
Chassis System
Center distance of track (mm) 2000 2000 2000
Width of track shoes (mm) 560/610/660 660 560
Ground lengthmm 2840 2840 2840
Tank capacity
Fuel tank (L) 470 470 485
Working device
Blade type Straight tilting blade , Angle Blade, U-shaped Blade and Semi-U blade Coal blade
Digging depth (mm) 540 538
Ripper type Single-shank three-shank Single-shank three-shank ——
Ripping depth (mm) 695 (Single-shank) and 666 (Three-shank) 695 (Single-shank) and 666 (Three-shank) ——

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