Shantui Bulldozer SD22D

Blade Capacity: 6.4/ 7.5/ 4.7CBM 
Blade Type: Straight Titling Blade/ U Blade/ Angle Blade
Engine Power: 162kw or 175kW/1800rpm
Engine Model: Cummins NT855-C280, QSNT-C235 or Weichai WP12
Track Shoes Width: 660mm
Overall Weight: 24,600kg (Standard)
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Shantui Bulldozer SD22D

220hp Desert Bulldozer


Blade Capacity: 6.4/ 7.5/ 4.7CBM  

Blade Type: Straight Titling Blade/ U Blade/ Angle Blade

Engine Power: 162kw or 175kW/1800rpm 

Engine Model: Cummins NT855-C280, QSNT-C235 or Weichai WP12

Track Shoes Width: 660mm

Overall Weight: 24,600kg (Standard)                                                                                         

SHANTUI SD22D desert bulldozer was developed by Shantui for desert operation. The SD22D features advanced performance, high reliability, low fuel consumption and convenient maintenance. It is equipped with an extended track, reducing ground pressure and giving it excellent maneuverability in the desert. It also has a large capacity radiator and engine intake pre-filter, allowing the SD22D to adapt to high winds and blowing sand, as well as high temperatures, making it perfect for earth moving operations in the desert. Shantui SD22D China Industrial Bulldozer with Ripper for Sale.



● SD22D desert bulldozers are designed specially for desert working conditions, featuring the advanced technologies, high reliability, low fuel consumption and convenient maintenance.

● The ground specific pressure is greatly lowered by using the extended trolley, featuring the excellent desert trafficability.

● The high-capacity radiator and the engine intake pre-filter are mounted, able to be suitable for hot and windy features in desert and semi-desert areas.


Power System

Chongqing Cummins NT855-C280S10 or Weichai WP12 engines,  162kw and 175kw feature the high power, efficiency and energy saving.

● The effective supercharger not only improves and widens the effective zones of engine, but also drops the fuel consumption by 12-21g/ kW. H.

● The advanced lubrication system could enable the engine parts to work under the constant oil temperature, the low oil pressure and the varied flow, reducing the engine friction power and thus prolonging the engine service life.

● The strength material and the newly-structured cylinder body and cylinder cover make the engine more reliable and energy-saving and then realize the sufficient combustion and the lower emission within the wide range of RPM and load.


Drive system

● The curves of drive system and engine are perfectly matched to achieve more extensive high-efficiency zone and higher transmission efficiency.

● Shantui’s self-made drive system features stable performance and reliable quality and has been long proved by the market.


Driving/Riding Environment

● Structural parts inherit the good quality of mature products of Shantui;

● The electrical wiring harness adopts bellows protection, wire splitter wire splitter, high protection grade;

● Open large space side cover, more convenient maintenance;

● Machine lubrication maintenance point moved to the outside of the body, easy and quick maintenance.


Parameter name


 (Desert version)

Performance parameters


Operating weight (Kg)


Ground pressure (kPa)




Engine model


Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Overall dimensions


Overall dimensions of machine (mm)


Driving performance


Forward speed (km/h)

F10-3.6 F2:0-6.5 F3:0-11.2

Reversing speed (km/h)

R1:0-4.3 R2:0-7.7 R3:0-13.2

Chassis System


Center distance of track (mm)


Width of track shoes (mm)


Ground lengthmm


Tank capacity


Fuel tank (L)


Working device


Blade type

Straight tilting blade , Angle Blade, U-shaped Blade and Semi-U blade

Digging depth (mm)


Ripper type

Single-shank three-shank

Ripping depth (mm)

695 (Single-shank) and 666 (Three-shank)


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