Shantui Bulldozer SD32

Engine Power: 235kw or 257kW/2000rpm 
Engine Model: Cummins NTA855-C360S10, QSNT-C345 or Weichai WP12
Blade Capacity: * Straight Titling Blade-10.0M3, Angle Blade-6.2M3 , Semi-U Blade-11.7M3
Track Shoes Width: 560/ 610/ 660/710mm
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Shantui Bulldozer SD32

320hp Large Power Bulldozer


Engine Power: 235kw or 257kW/2000rpm  

Engine Model: Cummins NTA855-C360S10, QSNT-C345 or Weichai WP12

Blade Capacity: Straight Titling Blade-10.0M3,Angle Blade-6.2M3 ,Semi-U Blade-11.7M3

Track Shoes Width: 560/ 610/ 660/ 710mm

Overall Weight: 40,200kg (Standard) 

Models for Different Condition: SD32, SD32D, SD32W, SD32C, SD32R


Shantui SD32 bulldozer is an upgrade product developed and designed by Shantui Co., Ltd. according to the market conditions.  Its technology and reliability reach the leading level in China.  The chassis of the whole machine has been tested by domestic and foreign markets for nearly 30 years, with excellent quality and stable and reliable performance.  Mainly applicable to water conservancy and hydro power, metallurgical mines, road traffic, port wharf, oil and coal, forest logging, national defense projects, urban and rural roads and other construction and water conservancy construction and other indispensable machinery and equipment. In response to the demands of severe working conditions in earthwork projects, SD32 crawler bulldozer is a high power bulldozer under standardized mass production with the application of domestic leading production processes and technologies. Mining Bulldozer Shantui SD32 Bulldozer Specs Heavy Bulldozer for Sale.                                                                                   


Power System

Chongqing Cummins NTA855-C360S10 engine with the exhaust turbocharger features the high power, efficiency and energy saving.

Cummins or Weichai engine WP12/QSNT-C345 are optional depending on user requirements

● The rated power reaches 257kW, featuring high torque reserve coefficient.

● The radially sealed intake system is applied to effectively prolong the engine life.


Drive system

● The curves of drive system and engine are perfectly matched to achieve more extensive high-efficiency zone and higher transmission efficiency.

● Shantui’s self-made drive system features stable performance and reliable quality and has been long proved by the market.

The reliable power-shift transmission, the steady hydraulic torque converter and the stage-II spur-tooth final drive could perform the effective power output and produce the high efficiency.

Hydraulic torque converter could protect the drive system against the sudden torque impact and the vibration.

Planetary type transmission with power shift has the forward three gears, three gears, and the clutch with high diameter, high


Chassis system

The final drive is of low drive type, providing the strong driving force and the effective gradeability.

The balance beam is floatingly connected to the trolley through the rubber damper, not only lowering the impact load transferring to the chassis system also raising the swinging angle of left and right trolleys. That profiles the work terrain, furthering the trafficability on the uneven road.

The standard four rollers and one track (sprocket roller, idler roller, track roller, carrier roller and track) come from Shantui. In addition, track type chassis has the high reliability and the load-bearing capacity, suitable for all kinds of complex working conditions and with the processing technologies reaching the advanced world standard.


Cooling system

The independent engine radiator, the chassis oil cooler, the coolant matching with the Chongqing Cummins engine and the air cooler provide the excellent cooling performance and the simple maintenance for this bulldozer, ensuring machine works continuously.


Working adaptability

● The hexahedral cab provides super-large interior space and broad vision and the ROPS/FOPS can be installed depending on specific needs to ensure high safety and reliability.

● The electronic control hand and foot accelerators guarantee more accurate and comfortable operations.

● The intelligent display and control terminal and the A/C and heating system are installed to provide more abundant personalized driving/riding experience and enable you to understand system status at any time, featuring high intelligence and convenience.


Parameter name SD32 SD32C SD32W SD32D SD32R
(Standard version)  (Coal version)  (Rock version) (Desert version)  (Environmental sanitation version)
Operating weight (Kg) 40200 40500 40900 39500 37100
Ground pressure (kPa) 97.7 98.4 99.4 96 90.2
Engine model WP12/QSNT-C345 QSNT-C345 WP12/QSNT-C345 QSNT-C345 QSNT-C345
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 257/2000258/2000 257/2000 258/2000257/2000 257/2000 257/2000
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 8650*4130*3760 8650*4755*3760 8650*4130*3760 8650*4130*3760 8650*4332*3760
Driving performance
Chassis System
Center distance of track (mm) 2140 2140 2140 2140 2140
Width of track shoes (mm) 560/610/660/710 560/610/660/710 560/610/660/710 560/610/660/710 560/610/660/710
Ground lengthmm 3150 3150 3150 3150 3150
Tank capacity
Fuel tank (L) 640 640 640 640 640
Working device
Blade type Straight tilting blade , Angle Blade and Semi-U blade Semi-U coal blade and coal U-blade Rock straight tilting blade, rock angle blade and rock semi-U blade Straight tilting blade , Angle Blade and Semi-U blade Sanitation blade
Digging depth (mm) 560/630/560 560 560/630/560 560/630/560 560
Ripper type Single-shank three-shank Single-shank three-shank Single-shank three-shank Single-shank three-shank ——
Ripping depth (mm) 1,250 (Single-shank) and 842 (Three-shank) 1,250 (Single-shank) and 842 (Three-shank) 1,250 (Single-shank) and 842 (Three-shank) 1,250 (Single-shank) and 842 (Three-shank) ——

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